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Monday - Friday
8:30-9AM  Devotional

9AM-12PM  Clothing Handouts
12-2PM Mail Handouts

Please sign up for your shower the day before and arrive at 9AM the day of your shower. No public restrooms available. 

Shower House.png

Our Shower House and Clothing Room provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere to help our guests feel refreshed. Showers, clean clothing, and laundry services give Downtown Hope Center guests the opportunity to prepare for job interviews, replace worn-out clothing, and maintain basic hygiene.

The Shower House provides approximately 25 showers and loads of laundry every morning to any person who signs up the day prior. Clothing needs are handed out to any guest that greets our doors. Did you know most places of business won't hire someone if they don't have a mailing address? All of our guests are welcome to use our mailing address to receive their mail.

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