A Day in the Life...

Feed Me Hope Bakery is an option available to women and guests of the women's shelter interested in acquiring marketable job skills. The Bakery Program is specifically for women because it's a way we can integrate women who have experienced trauma involving men back into a work environment with men present but not directly working alongside. 


Students learn everything from basic safety and sanitation guidelines to intricate piping techniques. They gain experience catering some of the events and fundraisers for the DHC, as well as fill daily orders. Already, we have seen remarkable transformation in our students as they begin to believe in their future.


Local women and women from the shelter are able to work in the bakery during the day with Baker/Chef Tia Salas and Daja Scroggs. In the morning they have priority access to the showers and clean clothes. From there, they attend a Life Skills class led by Coach Richard Irwin. In the afternoon they begin baking and taking orders. When they are finished for the day they are able to relax and dine to a meal prepared by our Culinary Team. 

Cookie dough


Did you know we cater and fulfill bakery orders?  To order or learn more:


The Downtown Hope Center takes applications from Women for the Feed Me Hope Bakery School. If you are a women who would prefer to learn different kitchen skills OR if you are a man we encourage you to look into our Culinary Program. 

To apply or learn more: