A Day in the Life...

At 8:30 AM our students fill our Bakery and begin baking under the instruction of Feed Me Hope Bakery Chef Tia and Feed Me Hope Bakery Manager Daja, a former Feed Me Hope Bakery student.

From 10:30 AM to the later afternoon students attend Life Skills, Job Skills, and Spiritual Growth classes. All of these classes teach our students how to heal from past hurts and move forward into their future.

Feed Me Hope Bakery is a job training program available to women and guests in our women's shelter. The Bakery Program integrates women who have experienced trauma involving men back into a work environment near men, but not directly working alongside them.


Students learn everything from basic safety and sanitation guidelines to intricate piping techniques. They gain experience catering some of the events and fundraisers for the DHC, as well as filling daily orders and producing at mass production level for our Feed Me Hope Food Truck. We have seen a remarkable transformation in the lives of our students as they begin to believe in their futures.

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